Cool colored mix heart paperweight
Warm colored mix heart paperweight
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Heart Paperweight

Regular price $45.00

The Heart Paperweights are created using recycled shards of brightly colored glass. Due to their organic nature, each one is truly one of a kind. They are currently available in a medley of primarily cool colors (blue, green, purple) or primarily warm colors (orange, red, yellow). 

Small: 3" L, Medium: 3.5" L, Large: 4" L

 *DISCLAIMER* Because each piece is a unique work of art made individually by hand, variations in size, colors and patterns are inevitable and your one-of-a-kind piece will differ from the picture. Pieces are made to order.

ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 1-3 weeks depending on availability and production schedule. Shipping is insured. For rush orders please call our studio. 210-354-4681